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WEB is an information providing system where web resources and documents are identified by URL(Uniform Resource Locator), can be accessed by internet. The world Wide Web has been central to the evolution of Information Era.It uses web pages that are primarily text documents, annotated with (HTML) Hypertext Markup Language. In addition to text, Web Pages may contain audio, video, images and software programs being used used in web browser.

Function Of Web

The internet is global network of various small networks interlinked together. It is a global collection of web document, pages, images, videos and other resources linked by Hyperlinks etc. Web resources are normally accessed by HTTP, which is most common internet protocol. For Example - http://www.yahoo.com/home.html Viewing a website normally requires a user to enter the name of URL at the top of browser Address Bar such as www.google.com and then WEB searches for that particular information you typed in from all the web sources available around the globe.

Mobile App

A mobile app is a computer program developed to run on a mobile device, such as tablets, phones and watch etc. Mobile apps bears resemblance to desktop apps that runs on computers and mobile programs which run on mobile browsers instead a of mobile device directly. Several smartphones are nowadays sold with pre installed apps such as Email browser, Web browser, calendar, music app and much more.

Unlike preinstalled apps, there are a lot of apps that can be downloaded from multiple distribution platforms like Google play, ITunes and Windows store for Windows mobile phone etc.

Developing apps requires developer think about multiple constraints like display size of mobile phone, processing required to execute the app, location detection and camera etc. Developers have to consider wide range of display arrays and hardware specifications because of excessive competition in mobile app development.


1> Social integration - Integrating social media has become an important part of mobile application. People share all kind of things over social media websites. Facebook , instagram and snapchat etc has allowed user to perform varous funtions like commenting, viewing, liking and posting possible without accessing computer or going through web browser.

2> Eliminate clicks - As everything is managed and controlled by apps , there is no need to access social websites on mobile browser and click on all kinds of links to access the content we want.

2> Feedback system : - Mobile Apps allows users to leave a feedback after using it so the publisher and other users get to know about the drawbacks, limits, features and usefulness of the apps. In this way, the apps can be customized by the developer so that they can bring changes to make them meet end user requirements.

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