How We Work Arizers Solutions

Lucidity is one of our primary motto we abidy by. This is a way our services work.

  1. Requirement Gathering

    The whole process gets triggered when you share your requirement. We will expect requirement in any form like a written doc, wireframes or final design with your through instructions.

  2. Discussion and Analysis

    Once we receive the requirement, a technically experienced manager starts discussion with the client to understand and analyze every aspect of the project and finalize the Scope of work and get signed.

  3. Wire Framing

    The project manager will creates the data and flow diagram, which can give customer an opportunity to judge how the entire application will look like and get assured that both are on same road.

  4. Design

    The Graphic guy will start playing with the colors and visual content such as images, photos and videos at this stage and comes up with a creative UI and that’s the first look of the application on Invision link.

  5. Actual Coding

    Here we are at the most crucial stage of the complete development life cycle. Our highly experienced programmers start converting the UI into the functional application and this is the combination of graphic and backend of the app.

  6. Final Testing

    After design and coding the final testing plays an important role in the development of any product. Our qualified Test engineers go through the complete app and do make sure that code is written as per the coding standards.

  7. Deployment and Acceptance

    After Quality check, we share the application with the client for user acceptance and testing. Once we get the approval, we deploy the final application on the live server.

That's It. Your idea already converted into Reality!!

We care about your reliance. In case anything stops working properly in the future, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will fix all code bugs for free, no matter how much time has passed after your project completion.

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