We provide following router services

  • 1> Installation of Router (Ethernet or WiFi Routers)
  • 2> Updation of Router Firmware
  • 3> Troubleshooting Internet Connection Errors
  • 4> Modifying Router settings

With the arrival of more advanced technology devices everything is moving forward rapidly. Home Networks have also developed a lot since the advent of more advanced wireless networking equipments. These wireless routers are far more better option than wired networking equipments.

In wireless networking environment you are not required to connect cables to any devices or to the router and modem. To connect various kind of multiple devices to the network wireless network setup can do wonders in terms of wireless printing and file sharing.

Setting up a wireless network is quite an fruitful and cheaper way to share multiple devices on the same network. Setting up a wireless network at home could be quite a troublesome activity to do and if network is not configured correctly it may lead to inefficient home network connection. It is always recommended to get home networking setup done by our network expert team who are always standing by in order to assist you with those network related tasks since they have sound knowledge and years of experience with the network connections.

  • a> Router Internet Light Blinking Yellow or Disabled
  • b> Router indicating limited internet connection
  • c> Unable to search WiFi Network
  • d> Network losing data packets while pinging
  • e> Network connection is slow
  • f> Lost Network Login Password or ID
  • g> Forgot Wifi Security Key
  • h> Unable to connect devices
  • i> setting a new WiFi password
  • 1> Fixing the network broadcasting issues
  • 2> Router installation and configuration
  • 3> Resetting and modifying WiFi password
  • 4> Securing WiFi password
  • 5> Changing router channels
  • 6> Modifying router security type
  • 7> Fixing malfunctional Router
  • 8> Recovering router admin password
  • 9> Fixing slow internet issues
  • 10 > Creating a new wireless network

Arizers Team provides services that can help customers install, manage and setup the home wireless network in an appropriate manner. Our router specialists can help you get maximum signal strength out of your wirless networking equipments. Glitches like slow internet, improper wireless networking, signal dropping, unable to share network devices with router and many more can be taken care of. all the customer need to do is to get in touch with our home wireless network setup experts so we make sure all your network issues get resolved. We work 24/7 through the year so that customer can reach and utilize our Support Maintenance services whenever they get into any technical trouble with their wireless network devices. We make sure you get quality, efficient and reliable services that will fix all your network related issues with the network equipments. We assist you in your network troubles with the best in class services that will elp you during installation of new router, manage the network connections and modifying the network settings as per the clients request. Our network professionals can assist you in achieving decent network signals from your wireless devices to enhance the file sharing and network access pace from anywhere withing 30-40 feets within the router coverage. We take care of issues like wifi signal dropping at some places, router not booting up, firmware update issues, internet light blinking orange or no light at all, devices are not able to connect to the network. You can avail all kind of various network related services by simply calling us on our Tollfree No- 1-844-307-1814. We are always there in your assistance whenever you need technical help regarding your wireless network devices.We make sure all issues getting fixed up in no time. We believe in quality work and provide services at reasonable cost to provide you services for longer time span.

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